Summary Of Virginia Specific Policy Features*

Percent More or Less than Average Premium

  • Male: 4.29%

  • Female: -6.73%

Policy Options from All of the Big Five Companies:


Unisex Policies Offered


*The information on this page is accurate as of the date this page was created, September 2021.  Policies and discounts vary by individual circumstances. For information on your specific options, please console with one of our advisors.

Virginia is a state in the southeastern United States that stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains, with an Atlantic coastline. It was one of 13 original colonies and features historic landmarks like Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's iconic plantation home near Charlottesville; Jamestown Settlement where Americans first set foot on native soil as well as Colonial Williamsburg which reenacts life during both colonial times (before independence) and revolutionary war era.

This statistic depicts the number of active physicians in Virginia as of March 2021, ordered by their specialty area. At that time, there were 1,136 anesthesiologists active in Virginia. The incomes garnered by physicians can vary greatly depending on their specialty.

Are you a physician who’s actively practicing medicine in Virginia? For physicians in Eastern states like Virginia, having a solid investment in medical education with a dependable career are two of the three most important steps for obtaining exceptional financial security for your family. The third step is the most important step for maintaining financial stability after graduation and during your career.

Financial Stability through Disability Insurance

In the event that you're unable to work due to a disability, physician insurance provides for income. This could be from long-term illness or an accident which takes your career and financial stability – so it's important!

As one of the two main forms of physician disability insurance, short-term covers physicians for 3–6 months, replaces up to 80% of your income, and covers short-term disabilities. Long-term disability insurance is the other main form of disability insurance and can cover you until you’re age 65, replaces your income if you can’t perform your specialty duties and covers more catastrophic disabilities. You can read more about short and long-term disability in Chapter 1 of our Disability Insurance Guide.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of term of physician disability insurance to get, our next recommended step is to find comprehensive disability insurance, otherwise known as true own-occupation. Unlike any other physician disability insurance definitions, true own-occupation pays your full benefit if you can’t perform your specialty, but can still be employed elsewhere. For example, if you’re a neuropsychiatrist who becomes disabled and can’t perform your specific duties, but decide to become a professor of psychiatry. You will be paid your full disability insurance benefit, while still collecting your income as a professor.

Why You Should Work with Pattern

Pattern is an independent agency, which means we don’t have affiliation with any of the Big Five Companies that offer physician disability insurance. With only your best interests at heart, our mission is to guide you to find the best policy options for you and to provide educational resources so you understand what you’re getting out of your disability insurance.

When you work with Pattern, we work with you to complete 3 simple steps:

  1. Request your quotes: you fill out a quote request form, and we submit it to each of the Big Five Companies

  2. Compare your options: you review and compare your five quotes. Your Pattern support team will be there to guide you through the policies, answer your questions, provide examples, and make sure you have a clear understanding of each policy.

  3. Apply and buy: after you’ve made a decision, we will help you complete and submit a short application. From there, we will handle the insurance paperwork and get your income insured.

For frequently asked questions about physician disability insurance, visit Chapter 8 of our Guide to Disability Insurance!