Chapter 4: The Only Disability Insurance Companies for Doctors

There are many companies that provide some form of disability insurance. When it comes to looking for disability insurance for a physician, however, there are only a few that provide the comprehensive coverage you need.

When it comes to the “Big 6” companies, each company can have different options and definitions that may suit one doctor better than another.

At Pattern, we understand that there isn’t one magical policy that works for everyone.

For example, if you have certain medical conditions, some companies are better suited for you.

That’s why requesting a quote from us means you get personalized quotes from each of the “Big 6” companies, plus a free meeting to help you compare the policies.

We will walk you through the different quotes and answer any questions you might have so that you make an educated decision on which company/policy is best specifically for you!

When deciding which company/policy fits best with your situation it is always smart to evaluate each company by:

  • Price

  • Contract Disability Definition

  • Medical Requirements

  • Claims Satisfaction

  • Financial Ratings

As we discussed in Chapter 2, true own-occupation coverage is vital to a physician’s disability insurance policy.

So when a doctor is looking for disability insurance, they should use only the “Big 6” companies that provide true own-occupation coverage.

The Big 6 Insurance Companies Include:

  • Principal

  • Guardian

  • Mass Mutual

  • Ameritas

  • Standard

  • Ohio National

Some companies provide policies that they’ll say are recommended for doctors, or claim is true own-occupation but ARE NOT. Some of these companies include:

  • Northwestern Mutual

  • AMA

  • UNUM

  • Hartford

  • State Farm

  • Most Employer-Provided Group Plans

Physicians should focus on getting a policy that contains a true own-occupation definition of disability, which you can find examples of in Chapter 2.

Each policy can vary in price, disability definition, medical requirements, claim satisfaction and financial ratings depending on your specific situation, which is why we help to educate you and answer any questions to help you make the best decision. If you are interested in comparing all of the "Big 6" options, please complete our disability insurance quote request form and we will provide a report comparing all of your true own-occupation (specialty-specific for doctors) options.