About Pattern

Insurance is complicated. We simplify disability and life insurance for busy doctors so they feel confident they have the right policy and that their income is protected.

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Our Founder's Story

8 years ago, Pattern was a new idea created by Dustin and his close friend. Soon after Peter Olson was added as a partner.

The goal was to help physicians to understand how to protect their income and conquer their finances.

Later down the road, the decision was made to focus on the importance and education of disability insurance specifically for physicians.

Today, Pattern specializes in helping doctors acquire true own-occupation disability insurance and term life insurance.

How It Works

When a physician request quotes with Pattern, we submit quote forms to all 6 of the big six insurance companies and assemble the policy options into a simple presentation.

The doctor then reviews their quote options with one of our unbiased agents during a 20-30 minute online meeting. This turn-key process saves doctors countless hours of filling out forms, talking to multiple agents, and sending documents back and forth.

We do not receive company-specific incentives, allowing us to remain truly unbiased and provide a truly educational role as doctors shop for disability insurance.

Step 1.
Request Your Quotes

Fill out one simple form and we'll gather your personalized quotes from all of the Big 6 insurance companies.

Step 2. Compare Your Options

After you submit your quote request, one of our sales agents will walk you through your personalized options and answer any questions.

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Step 3. Buy Risk Free

Once you decide which option is best for you, we will handle boring paperwork so you can get back to what you'd rather be doing.