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Dr. Ehab Youssef
"I talked with a lot of agents, so when I talked to them I know what they are saying is really true. I think they are very efficient, they know all the details."

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Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and the Coronavirus

With the recent events that are happening in our country and throughout the world we wanted to take a moment to respond to these events and how they are affecting you, your policies, and our company. We first want to extend our thanks to all of the health care professionals around the world who are on the front lines battling this disease. We value your courage and are thankful for your service. Unfortunately, something like this forces us to see our mortality and makes insurance needs a bit more important.

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Easily Compare and Understand Your Disability Insurance Policies

Understanding different disability plans can be complex for someone not familiar with all the insurance jargon that comes along with these plans. When looking to secure a private disability insurance policy, physicians find themselves struggling to get the correct information consistently! This is why we are going to address the best ways to review your policy before you purchase it. There are two ways a physician can go about comparing and contrasting their disability options.

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Insurance - Pattern and the White Coat Investor

In case you missed it last year, we are sharing the insurance portion of our most requested webinar. This webinar is hosted by two financial experts, Matt Wiggins, Co-Founder of Pattern, and James Dahle, MD, FACEP from The White Coat Investor.

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Gift Yourself Financial Security

With the giving spirit all around us this time of year, it can be easy to forget to think about yourself. This year take time and give yourself the gift of financial security and ensure that your assets are protected!

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