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"I talked with a lot of agents, so when I talked to them I know what they are saying is really true. I think they are very efficient, they know all the details."

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Everything You Need to Know To Get Rid of Medical Debt

In case you missed it, Pattern hosted a webinar with SoFi this past week to talk about all things debt! In this webinar, Matt Wiggins, co-founder of Pattern, and Bruce Brotine from SoFi covered many medical student debt topics including refinancing, repayment, loan consolidation, PAYE, ICR, REPAYE, Hybrid, IBR, and how to pay less on your student loans and get out of debt faster. This is a transcription from the Pattern/SoFi webinar on debt.

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Frequently Asked Medical Student Debt Questions, Answered

Student loans can make you feel like you’re carrying a heavyweight. We understand the frustration and confusion you can feel as you’re sorting through repayment options. Here are some commonly asked questions about medical school debt, loan forgiveness, refinancing and repayment and more! If you have more specific questions, ask our experts at our upcoming webinar on March 19th.

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How To Break Free of Medical School Debt

Medical school costs are continuing to increase. If you’ve gone to medical school, you may have graduated with a pile of debt. For 2018 medical school graduates, the median medical school debt was $195,000! That much debt is a huge financial burden, and if you’re a resident or fellow it can be hard to make a dent in it. Debt can feel impossible to bounce back from and can cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. In this post we'll talk about strategies to become debt-free!

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The Financial Survivor

How long could you live without a paycheck? Not a fun thing to think about, but as a doctor, you know better than anyone about the unpredictable nature of illness and injuries.

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