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Disability insurance is complicated.

Doctors shouldn’t have to take time to sort through a bunch of insurance quotes to find the best policy.
Don't stress over insurance shopping, let us find the best coverage for you at the most affordable price.

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Thousands of Doctors nationwide have trusted us to help them compare, understand, and buy insurance.

We Know Your Time Is Valuable & Understand What It's Like To Get Ripped Off

Which is why thousands of Doctors have trusted us to help them compare and buy insurance.

  • If I had to do it again, I would use Pattern or tell people to use Pattern as a way of getting disability insurance.
    Dr. Adam
  • I thought it was a very personal service. Everyone is easy to talk to and they take the time to explain some definitions and make sure that it's easily understood on our behalf and simplified in a way that we can understand it, and I think that made a difference.
    Dr. Doble
  • I felt pretty relieved and just happy knowing that, if something happens, I'm covered and I can take care of myself and my wife.
    Dr. Plogman

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