Summary Of Indiana Specific Policy Features*

Percent More or Less than Average Premium

  • Male: 4.29%

  • Female: -6.73%

Policy Options from All of the Big Five Companies:


Unisex Policies Offered


*The information on this page is accurate as of the date this page was created, September 2021.  Policies and discounts vary by individual circumstances. For information on your specific options, please consult with one of our advisors.

Known to locals as the “Hoosier state,” Indiana is located in the Midwest and offers residents and tourists a diverse culture and economy. As of 2019, Indiana's gross state product is $377.1 billion and includes several metropolitan areas with populations greater than 100,000. Overall in 2020, Indiana’s state population was more than 6.7 million people, covering almost 36,500 square miles of mostly land area.

Prices for health care in Indiana are some of the highest in the country. On average, Indiana hospital care prices are higher than any other U.Ss, and hospitals also receive payments more than three times greater compared to Medicare. With the higher healthcare prices, it’s likely that active physicians get paid higher than they do in other cities, with adequate payment funneling in hospitals.

For the almost 9,000 active physicians in Indiana, the high cost of health care is likely influential on their quality of life. In Indiana, physicians are active in at least 8 of the major specialties:

  • Anesthesiologists: 1,189

  • Emergency medicine: 918

  • Radiology: 889

  • Surgery: 815

  • Psychiatry: 661

  • Cardiology: 548

  • Oncology: 336

  • Endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism: 135

  • All other specialties: 3,441

Protect Your Future

For active physicians in a state with high healthcare prices, it’s important to protect your future and finances. When prices for things like healthcare rise significantly, it generally brings calls for reform to adjust those prices, which could be impactful on the financial stability of physicians.

In order to ensure long-standing financial stability, we highly recommend finding a physician disability insurance plan that meets your financial and family goals. Between work, family life, and navigating the areas of healthcare in your state, stress may be a big distraction to your safety and could lead to serious illnesses or even injury. Finding a great disability insurance policy now is the safest and most cost-effective step you can take to ensure that your financial gains continue after a disability.

As a doctor, disability insurance will replace your income in the event that you are not able to work. Since your career and your income depend on your ability to work and perform your required duties, the most valuable asset in your life is you.

How to Choose a Great Policy

To find a comprehensive physician disability insurance policy, you need to understand what true own-occupation is. As we explain in Chapter 2 of our Disability Insurance Guide, true own-occupation pays you your full policy benefit if you can’t perform your physician specialty, BUT you can still be employed elsewhere. Are you a physician in emergency medicine who becomes disabled? You can still get a job as a physician in another specialty or as a professor and still collect your full disability benefits.

Because of the comprehensive benefits of plans with true own-occupation, most employers won’t offer it. In Chapter 6 of our Guide, we outline 4 main reasons not to get physician disability through your employers. Your employer will likely only offer an any-occupation based plan, which means regardless of the severity of your disability, you won’t be able to work anywhere in order to collect your policy benefits. And any benefit amount you receive through your employer will be taxed, something you can avoid if you work with Pattern.

Another major factor to consider is that your employer has the right to cancel or modify your policy at any time. Can you imagine the financial bind you may be in if you get disabled and don’t have your employer’s disability benefits you thought were safe?

Pattern Finds You a Policy at Zero Cost

When you work with Pattern, our experts help you find the best policy quotes from each of the Big Five Companies and you don’t have to pay anything. Our sole mission is to provide you with the resources and guidance needed to find the best policy for you so that you understand every aspect of that policy. As an independent agency, Pattern doesn’t affiliate with any one company and is only looking out for your best interests.

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