How Do I Get a Physician Disability Insurance Policy?

4 minute read

Insurance is complicated and it takes too much time to research and understand.

After taking the time to research and learn more about financial protection, you might be ready to look into your options.

We know how overwhelmed and busy you are and you don’t have time to learn about disability insurance. This is why we make the process simple and easy. We will walk you through, step by step, and cover everything you need to know, without confusing you with all of the insurance world jargon.

Our simple three-step process makes getting disability insurance quick and easy so you can have one fewer thing on your to-do list!


  1. Request Your Quotes

Fill out a simple quote request form and we’ll get your quotes from the Big 5 own-occupation providers.

The quote requests will take only a couple of minutes and will help you to get the best policy options.

  1. Compare Your Options

Once you have completed the quote request, your quotes will come back from each company which allows you to compare your policy options side by side.

With one quick phone call, our experts walk you through your options and help you to determine which riders and features you would want to add in order to make your policy perfect for you.

3. Buy Risk-Free

After you have made your decision on the company you would like to move forward with, you will complete a short application and we will take it from there.

Let us handle the boring insurance paperwork so you can get back to doing what you love!

After you choose which company you want to purchase your policy from, we’ll finish the rest to make sure your income is insured.

Plus, there’s no risk in applying and our entire service is free to you. This process is not only simple and free but can save you money since you’ll get the best possible rate on disability insurance.

.Buying Disability Insurance

We understand what it feels like to get ripped off, and we know your time is valuable.

That’s why thousands of doctors have trusted us to help them compare and understand the disability insurance they’re buying.

Stop wasting your time and feeling overwhelmed, and instead save money and spend time on the things you love, being confident your family and income are protected.

If you are looking to obtain your disability coverage, Pattern can help you compare your "Big 5" options on a propriety comparison report. The report compares features, benefits, discounts and prices for all of your individual options. To see your report, please complete our disability insurance quote request form.