Understand your money and secure a wealthy and generous future.

Residents, fellows, and attending physicians have specific financial needs. Should you save more for retirement, or pay off your student loans? Should you buy a home now, or wait? How much life insurance and disability insurance do you need? As a financial consultancy that cuts through the information overload to educate and empower busy physicians, Pattern will help you answer these questions with confidence and set you up for a wealthy and generous financial future.

Residents & Fellows

Training is a valuable time to begin building the foundation of your financial future, but we know that most of a resident or fellow’s time is spent at the hospital.

We give physicians the knowledge to make better decisions for their futures that will have a lasting impact.

We provide unbiased education and learning opportunities on your schedule to give residents and fellows the knowledge to make better decisions for their futures that will have lasting impact.

From debt repayment structuring to getting disability insurance, we’re here to make the lives of residents and fellows less stressful while helping you lay the groundwork for your successful financial future.

Attending Physicians

Pattern provides preparation and protection for residents, fellows, and attending physicians in an innovative and simple way.

You’ve invested a great deal into your calling and now spend your time helping others. However, you can’t ignore growing and protecting your wealth, paying off debt, and retirement planning. Pattern will help you learn how to reach your financial goals.

Physicians who have just finished training are at the most vulnerable point in their careers. From the fear of messing it up to the hostile and complex environment in healthcare, many new attending physicians feel stressed. Pattern helps to prepare physicians for the next stage in their life through education and consultation. Pattern gives physicians confidence and peace of mind.

The chaotic healthcare industry and a sudden increase in income after leaving training present a variety of problems that can leave physicians in critical condition. Pattern helps physicians prepare for real life through education and consultation.