Resident & Fellow Webinar: Transitioning from Training to Practice

Avoid common mistakes Residents & Fellows make when transitioning to attending so you can build a strong financial foundation in your early career.

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June 11th |5 PM & 8 PM CST

Beginners Guide to Disability Insurance 7 | Physician Own-Occupation Disability Insurance and Life Insurance |

What You'll Learn from this Webinar

During this webinar, you will learn about

  • The parts of your employment contract most likely to cause a termination event
  • Avoid costly misunderstandings about your income
  • Control your work/life balance better
  • See how doctors keep more of their money and effectively handle debt and taxes
  • Learn physician-specific financial strategies for protecting your assets and loved ones
  • Knowing the most important steps to take to build a strong financial foundation in the early years of your career.

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June 11th |5 PM & 8 PM CST

We Know Your Time is Valuable.

  • Pattern made sure I understood everything that was presented to me, that nothing was unclear and everything was transparent.
    Dr. Henry
  • Pattern was willing to take the time on evenings at 8:00, 9:00 when I was a resident, I only ever had a free moment then. And actually being able to go over things then was a selling point for me.
    Dr. Shoemaker
  • I thought it was a very personal service. Everyone is easy to talk to and they take the time to explain some definitions and make sure that it's easily understood on our behalf and simplified in a way that we can understand it, and I think that made a difference.
    Dr. Doble