Summary Of New Mexico Specific Policy Features*

Percent More or Less than Average Premium

  • Male: -0.79%

  • Female: 2.83%

Policy Options from All of the Big Five Companies:


Unisex Policies Offered


*The information on this page is accurate as of the date this page was created, September 2021.  Policies and discounts vary by individual circumstances. For information on your specific options, please console with one of our advisors.

With so many retiring doctors in New Mexico, it is no wonder that the state has a shortage of physicians. The medical field there relies heavily on these professionals and vacancies can remain empty for months at a time even if they offer attractive salaries with benefits like 401k plans! That's why two local universities will warmly welcome prospective students who want to pursue a career as well—especially those interested in becoming resident programmers or nurse practitioners, etc. Here we summarized some important aspects of each program:

“A major concern for the healthcare industry is the shifting demographic makeup of the nation and its states. Different groups of people—such as men and women, for example—tend to use different health services.In particular, persons aged 65 and older comprise an increasing share of the total population, with that share expected to reach 20.2 percent by 2050. This trend has had a part in the increase in demand for healthcare services and the related increase in costs. It will also influence the federal budget, as more and more seniors join Medicare.

In 2013, New Mexico had the highest percentage of residents aged 65 and over of its neighboring states: 17 percent. New Mexico and Utah tied for the smallest portion of residents between the ages of 19 and 64 at about 57 percent, according to

Importance of Disability Insurance

At Pattern, we offer a number of solutions for those who have been injured or become disabled. We know how difficult it can be when considering the prospect of getting insurance specifically related to the event that led you into this state; however, with our help, there are options available that will make managing what's happening easier than ever before!

Disability insurance is a financial safety net for doctors and it should not be met with anxiety, but rather excitement. Disability coverage provides peace of mind knowing that you will always have access to medical care in case something ever happens.

A disability policy can help protect your future plans by giving protection from economic upsets caused by illness or injury before they become too much trouble.

As a trainee, you can be eligible for training program discounts. Your income will be protected from day 1 of your physician career, and getting disability insurance as a resident will keep your premiums low. Read more in our blog post: 5 Reasons Why Training is the Best Time to Purchase Disability Insurance.

When you work with Pattern, we help you complete 3 simple steps to finding disability insurance:

  1. Request your quotes: you fill out a quote request form, and we submit it to each of the Big Five Companies

  2. Compare your options: you review and compare your five quotes. Your Pattern support team will be there to guide you through the policies, answer your questions, provide examples, and make sure you have a clear understanding of each policy.

  3. Apply and buy: after you’ve made a decision, we will help you complete and submit a short application. From there, we will handle the insurance paperwork and get your income insured.

If you would like more information, read our Guide to Disability Insurance!