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Contracts for Medical Professionals
are Complicated

Contracts are written in legalese to protect employers and are hard to understand.
Doctors don't deserve to get ripped off by their contract.

We Understand What it Feels Like to Get Ripped Off

Which is why we partner with a physician specific contract review attorney so you can have confidence in the contract you're signing.

  • If I had to do it again, I would use Pattern or tell people to use Pattern as a way of getting disability insurance.
    Dr. Adam
  • I thought it was a very personal service. Everyone is easy to talk to and they take the time to explain some definitions and make sure that it's easily understood on our behalf and simplified in a way that we can understand it, and I think that made a difference.
    Dr. Doble
  • It was easy and direct.
    Dr. Brock

A Breakdown of 3 Prospective Employer Contracts

Contracts are a crucial part of your career and financial future. Learn about the break down the 3 Prospective Employer Contracts by our partner Jon, the founder of Contract Diagnostics.