Physician Interview Questions You Hate to Ask, but Must

2 minute read

2 minute read

If you've ever interviewed for a job before, you know how many details there are to figure out. Not only do you need to find out how much the position pays, but you also need to determine what the other valuable benefits are, which can be found out through research and asking questions during the interview process. This is particularly important for physicians and there is a real need for specific physician interview questions to help doctors determine what's best for them. While you might not feel comfortable dealing with some of these topics, you owe it to yourself and your career to square these ideas away before accepting or rejecting a position.

How Much Will You Get Paid?

Compensation is much more than the basic salary you'll get paid. As a physician, you also need to look at things like the signing bonus and the earning potential you can expect at certain stages of your career. By asking the appropriate physician interview questions early on you can make sure the position not only pays what is acceptable, but determine whether or not it's a position you want to continue pursuing. Asking about salary, though, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to physician interviewing – there is much more.

Look Beyond the Numbers

Being paid a handsome salary is certainly nice, but so much more goes into the full package that makes asking specific physician interview questions important. That said, there are a variety of questions which are vital to ask during the interview process, such as:

  • Is my salary guaranteed or production-based?

  • Is there a repayment obligation on my salary?

  • How is malpractice insurance handled? Will you be asked to cover part of the costs?

  • Can you receive a productivity bonus? If not, how are you rewarded for seeing more patients than others at the practice?

  • Will there be an opportunity to buy in or become a partner in the practice?

  • Are you obligated to turn over part of any outside consulting fees to the practice?

As you can see, there is much more to your overall compensation/benefits package than just the base salary. These are but a few of the questions for a physician interview that you should ask and expect any reputable practice to be able to answer easily.

Physician Interview Questions Can Help You Make Sense of all the Details

Hopefully you can see that there are many details to consider when going through the interview process. The details can be overwhelming, but the importance of asking the right physician interview questions can help mitigate that feeling. Ultimately, you want to be able to make the right decision of where to practice and the answers to these questions can help make that decision easier for you. Just remember that even though you might not be comfortable asking a lot of questions during the interview, don't cut corners. That could be a potentially costly mistake if you don't learn what you need to and end up with a practice that is not well suited for you. If you need any assistance in analyzing the answers to your physician interview questions, feel free to contact one of our experienced advisors and we can help you make sense of all the details so you can make the best decisions for you.