Pattern and White Coat Investor: A Message From Our Owners

After 10 years of partnership, Pattern will not be renewing its affiliate partner agreement with White Coat Investor.

Pattern believes in helping doctors make informed decisions about their financial future.

This core belief in education as the foundation for everything that we do is why 20,000 doctors and counting have trusted us to shop for disability insurance over the past 10 years as a company. It’s also a belief that we proudly shared with White Coat Investor (WCI) in 10 years of partnership.

Doctors who follow WCI’s forums and social media platforms may have noticed recently that Pattern is no longer included on its list of recommended insurance agents. We believe WCI subscribers and Pattern clients are owed a transparent explanation.

Pattern and WCI’s relationship dates back to 2014. Our advertising arrangements changed several times throughout the last decade in various ways that allowed Pattern to share educational materials relevant to WCI’s audience on WCI platforms. Recently, WCI proposed a new affiliate pricing model that Pattern was not comfortable with pursuing, and our agreement with WCI was not renewed.

Although we are no longer partners with WCI, our mission remains the same. Pattern is fully committed to educating doctors so they can make informed decisions about their financial future, and helping them quickly secure a great disability insurance policy tailored to their needs so they have the peace of mind to spend their time on their terms.

We thank WCI for their years of partnership and wish them the best moving forward.


Dustin Karas and Peter Olson

Pattern Co-Owners