EXPEDIA for Physician Disability Insurance

Easily Compare All Your Disability Insurance Options

Understanding different disability plans can be complex for someone not familiar with all the insurance jargon that comes along with these plans.

When it comes to securing a private disability insurance policy, physicians are often left in the dark!

It is a struggle to try and look for reliable information about these policies and what they entail.  With so many different insurers out there - all with their own unique schemes of things that need coverage or not - it can be difficult to try and compare all your options between patients and on lunch hour.

This is why we are going to make sure you know the best ways for your review of any policy before purchase.

One way to think about it is like shopping for a flight. When looking to purchase a flight, a majority of the time you use something like google flights, Expedia, Priceline, etc. These websites show you all of your options so you can compare the flights based on price, layovers, duration time, and baggage fees.

Very rarely would you purchase a flight without shopping around first, so why should something as important as disability insurance be any different?

It shouldn’t. 


Reach out to an independent insurance broker. This is an insurance agent or agency that can offer quotes and policies from all 6 of the insurance companies and only collect your information once.

Not all independent brokers are equal, so you want to be sure to choose one that is not attached more closely to one insurance company than the others (making them biased), has the highest level of discounts available, and can help you easily compare and educate you on all of your options.

At Pattern, we know your time is valuable and you have better things to do than spend it on shopping for disability insurance. This is why we model our process in a similar style to google flights or Expedia. With our process, you can fill out one 5 minute quote request form and get back personalized quotes from all of the true own-occupation insurance companies.

Not only does this save you time but it allows you to properly compare your options by price, benefit amount, price per 100, features and benefits, discounts, and much more.

When you are ready to compare your "Big 6" disability insurance options, we can help. Simply complete your disability insurance quote request.