Are Physician Contract Reviews Really Necessary?

2 minute read

2 minute read

Residents, fellows and seasoned physicians alike can benefit from a physician contract review by an attorney specializing in physician contracts. Whether it's your first contract out of residency or the next in a long line of agreements you've signed with hospitals and private practices over the years, knowing your contract has been reviewed by an physician-only attorney familiar with physician agreements gives you the carefree confidence you need to get back to doing what you do best: practicing medicine.

A Message to Residents and Fellows - Take Physician Contract Reviews Seriously

As you leave residency and look at joining a practice you might think that all physician employment agreements are the same. The fact is that many physician contracts can contain upwards of 100 different provisions that need to be examined. Many residents might think that the contract is for their compensation when in reality they're often loans that might need to be paid back under a variety of circumstances. Just as you would have someone help you wade through the paperwork of a mortgage, going through a physician employment contract review with an attorney who specializes in them is vital to protecting yourself as you enter a practice or go to serve patients at a hospital.

Not All Attorneys Are Suited For Residents, Fellows and Physicians

A common misconception is that if someone is an attorney then they can handle any type of legal issue. While that may be true in a general sense, there are many that specialize in certain areas such as real estate or property law, for example, that may not be best suited for reviewing physician employment agreements. Think of it as what you're learning while being a resident or fellow. A heart surgeon might be able to offer some insight on your lower back pain but if it looks like you might need spinal surgery, you'd want to see a spinal surgeon, not a general practice physician or an orthopedic surgeon. This is the same thinking when it comes to physician employment contract agreements. Physician contract attorneys are best suited to adequately review your contract as they look for hidden traps that are easy to overlook and help you make sense of your contract - whether it's your first or your fiftieth. These are subtleties that real estate or civil litigation attorneys will likely miss.

Now is the time to be Thinking of Your Contract Review

Putting off thinking about physician contract reviews can be a risky proposition. The first job out of residency can often set the groundwork for your career as a whole. It is said that upwards of half of all new physicians leave their practices within the first three years. This could potentially open you up to a myriad of issues if a physician employment contract review is not done by the appropriate attorney. As you are starting to get your first offers know that now is the time to be thinking of your physician contract agreement. If you're up for a contract renewal, our team of physician contract attorneys can relieve you of the burden of going through your contract yourself by reviewing it for you and ensuring that your contract benefits you as well as your employer.

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