We Exist to Prepare Physicians for Life: This is How We Do It

I know when you see the phrase “this is how we do it” a Montell Jordan song pops into your head. So while you’re humming the song, realize that Pattern is here to help.

Pattern is the only financial consultancy that educates and empowers busy physicians who are in need of guidance in an era of information overload and financial irresponsibility.

Pattern is a financial consultancy that provides preparation & protection for physicians in an innovative and simple way


Webinars, AttendingLife Online, Education

  • Through education and consultation, you will be equipped to understand your money and have a wealthy, secure, and generous future.
  • We have several solutions to help educate physicians: Webinars, Guides, AttendingLife.
  • Your work is important—and stressful. With Pattern, you’ll have a simplified, streamlined, and organized financial life that will free your time and your mind.


Insurance, contract reviews, financial advice

  • From life insurance to disability insurance, knowing your family and income are protected provides you with peace of mind. With Pattern, you’ll know that you have the best coverage at the best price.
  • Make sure that your interests are protected and that the fine print in your contract isn’t opening you up to risk. Now you’ll know what you’re signing before you sign.