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PROVIDER: Ohio National Life Insurance Company

DEFINITION OF DISABILITY: Own-Occupation Definition

RESIDUAL BENEFIT: Requires 15% loss of income


Ohio National is a great option for medical professionals who are looking to secure their income with disability insurance. Ohio Nationals ContinuON Income Solutions II policy is a true own occupation policy that is fully comprehensive and protective of physicians in the case of an illness or injury that may result in a disability or loss of career. 

As one of the Big Six Insurance companies, Ohio National is one of the only insurance companies to provide TRUE OWN OCCUPATION disability insurance with the addition of the own-occupation rider on your policy. 

Ohio Nationals definition of totally disabled is as follows:

“You have a Total Disability or you are Totally Disabled if due to a Sickness or Injury, in and of itself, you are not able to perform the Material and Substantial Duties of Your Regular Occupation, and you satisfy the Regular Care of a Physician provision.” 

Along with this definition, you can add the Regular Occupation Rider which defines your policy as True Own-Occupation. The definition of this rider is as follows: 

“Your Regular Occupation is the occupation(s) in which you are regularly engaged on the date of Disability. If Your Regular Occupation on the date of Disability is limited to a professionally recognized specialty in medicine, dentistry or law within the scope of your degree or license, we will deem that specialty to be Your Regular Occupation. If you are unemployed, retired, or otherwise not working on the date of Disability, Your Regular Occupation means any occupation you are able to do based on your education, training and experience.”

The regular occupation rider is what secures Ohio National’s definition of disabled to be 100% true own-occupation coverage. This rider clarifies that you are totally disabled if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, even if you are gainfully employed in another occupation, as long as you are not able to work in your occupation. 

A policy from Ohio National is non-cancelable and includes guaranteed premium rates to age 65. This means Ohio National can not cancel or raise your premiums as long as you are paying your premium before you reach age 65, regardless of income, health, or occupation changes. 


The Elimination Period is the number of days following the disability before benefits become payable and the benefit period defined as, the maximum time for which you can receive benefit payments for disability, is also important to notice for each company. 

Below are Guardians definitions of each: 

Elimination Period: The policy has the following elimination periods as options:

  • 60-day.

  • 90-day.

  • 180-day.

  • 365-day.

Benefit Period: To Age 65, 67, and 70 - This is the longest period of time for which Ohio National will pay benefits for a continuous disability. Along with these ages, two, five, and ten year benefit periods are also available.


With a Policy from Ohio National, you have the option to add additional features and benefits to make your policy completely customizable to you. These additional benefits are known as riders: 


While you are Disabled, your Base Monthly Benefits will be increased once each year, on the anniversary of your Disability. The increase each year will be the increase in the CPI-U, with a minimum increase of 2% and a maximum increase of 6%. The increases will be applied on a compounded basis. 

The increase applies to the Base Monthly Benefit and any benefit being paid under the Social Insurance Supplement Rider. As long as you remain Disabled, benefits will be paid until the end of the Maximum Benefit Period. After a Disability during which Ohio National increase your benefits under this rider, the Base Monthly Benefit will be increased by an amount equal to the increase in benefit provided by this rider, rounded to the nearest $100, so long as: 

(a) the amount of the increase is at least $200; and 

(b) the Disability ended prior to the Expiration Date of the policy. 

There is no additional premium required for the amount of this increase


For the first six months of Disability, if you have a Sickness or Injury that limits your time or duties, you will receive benefits in proportion to your Loss of Earnings. The benefit you receive will be equal to the Base Monthly Benefit amount for Total Disability, times the percentage of your Loss of Earnings after the date of Residual Disability. 

After the first six months, you must also show that you have a Loss of Earnings of at least 15% because of that Residual Disability. If this percentage is greater than 75%, full Total Disability benefits will be paid. The minimum benefit for the first six months of Residual Disability is 50% of the Total Disability benefit. You do not need to be Totally Disabled first to receive residual benefits. 

This benefit will continue for your Maximum Benefit Period as long as you remain Residually Disabled. Ohio National will increase your Monthly Earnings Before Disability each year you remain Disabled by the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index-Urban Dwellers (CPI-U). At no time may Ohio National reduce your adjusted Monthly Earnings Before Disability if the CPI-U is negative. 

TRANSITIONAL RETURN TO WORK BENEFIT: If you go back to work full-time after Ohio National has paid you benefits for a Disability, but your Loss of Earnings is at least 15%, Ohio National will pay you a transitional benefit. A transitional benefit may be paid until the end of the Maximum Benefit Period. 


You may purchase additional amounts of Base Monthly Benefits on each policy anniversary without proof of medical insurability. The minimum amount of GPI purchase is $100. The maximum of each increase is one-half of your original Base Monthly Benefit. The maximum total amount of increases is $15,000. 

Special Increase Amount: While this rider is In Force, you may request a Special Increase Amount if either of the following applies:

 (a) You are no longer eligible to participate in your employer's group long term disability insurance plan because of a change in employment or your employer discontinues or reduces your group long term disability insurance and you are working and you are not eligible for group long term disability insurance in the next 24 months. 

You must apply for the Special Increase Amount within 90 days of losing your group long term disability insurance; or 

(b) You have at least a 50% increase in earnings since your last potential Increase Date. The increase in earnings must be permanent and sustainable. If the increase in earnings is the result of a one-time bonus, commission, or extraordinary financial event, you will not qualify for a Special Increase Amount. 

You may not have a Special Increase Amount that will give you more than our maximum disability income issue and participation limit in effect as of the date you apply for the Special Increase Amount.


While this rider is In Force, Ohio National will pay you Catastrophic Disability Monthly Benefits while you are Catastrophically Disabled:

(1) after the Catastrophic Disability Elimination Period; but 

(2) not for more than the Catastrophic Disability Maximum Benefit Period. In no event will Catastrophic Disability Monthly Benefits be paid past the Expiration Date. 

Catastrophically Disabled means that, due to an Injury or Sickness:

(a) you are unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living without Stand-By Assistance due to loss of functional capacity; or 

(b) you require Substantial Supervision due to Severe Cognitive Impairment.



Issue ages 18–55. Available to all occupation classes. Pays a Lump Sum benefit amount at age 65 which equals an additional 25% of all Total and Residual monthly benefit payments made. Clients must have received at least twelve times the monthly benefit to qualify. Policy and rider must be in-force at age 65.


A huge plus with Ohio National is their COLA rider which, as mentioned above, tracks the consumer price index. In the definition of the Cost of Living Rider this unique feature is mentioned in the definition here: 

“While you are Disabled, your Base Monthly Benefits will be increased once each year, on the anniversary of your Disability. The increase each year will be the increase in the CPI-U, with a minimum increase of 2% and a maximum increase of 6%. The increases will be applied on a compounded basis.”

When considering which company is best for you and your unique needs, Ohio National is always a good option. With Ohio National you have many options to completely customize your policy to fit you, the coverage amounts and definition of “disabled” make Ohio National an excellent choice for your disability insurance policy.

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