At Pattern, we know that you want to be confident and in control of your finances. In order to do that, you need to buy disability insurance. 

The problem is disability insurance is complicated and takes too much time, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure whom to trust. We understand what it feels like to get ripped off, and we know that your time is valuable. 

That’s why thousands of doctors have trusted us to help them compare and understand the insurance they're buying. We believe doctors have more important things to do than worry about insurance. That's why we try to make the process of getting disability insurance 

simple, fast, and transparent!

If you know anyone that could use some help getting their best-personalized disability insurance policy, send them our way so they can stop wasting their time and feeling overwhelmed and instead save money and spend time on things they love! 

For each referral, we will send you a $50 gift card! Just click the link below and send the URL to your friends and repeat for more gift cards!

When your colleagues and friends fill out a quote with you as the referee, we can send you your $50 gift card!