In case you missed it last year, we are sharing the insurance portion of our most requested webinar. This webinar is hosted by two financial experts, Matt Wiggins, Co-Founder of Pattern, and James Dahle, MD, FACEP from The White Coat Investor.  

Disability and life insurance are two of the most important investments a doctor can make when it comes to financial security for your family and your income. In this webinar, the two financial experts discuss the importance of insurance for financial success and financial security for Physicians.

In joining in this webinar you’ll learn and be able to apply multiple tips and tricks that can help you to simplify insurance:

  • Insurance is designed to protect you, so why is it so confusing? This webinar will help you understand the types of insurance every physician should have.

Click below to watch! 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us, we are always here to help! Or if you are ready to give yourself the gift of financial security, get started by requesting your life and disability insurance quotes here!