Physicians should always look to obtain disability insurance from an independent insurance broker/agent. An independent agent ought to be able to provide quotes and policies from any of the "Big 6" disability insurance companies (Principal, Guardian, Ameritas, Mass Mutual, Standard, and Ohio National). 

When you're choosing who you want to work with, your independent agent should:

  1. Have access to all 6 insurance companies that provide true own-occupation coverage.
  2. Not have a special relationship with one of the insurance companies thereby making them biased.
  3. Educate you on each of your options.
  4. Work specifically with physicians and understand which coverages and riders are needed or not.
  5. Be able to provide you with the highest level of discounts available based on the number of clients they work with at individual employers and institutions.
  6. Be straight forward about how they are paid if you purchase a policy.
  7. Be able to work with you (be licensed) no matter which state you may move to.

If you are looking to obtain your disability coverage, Pattern can help you compare your "Big 6" options on a propriety comparison report. The report compares features, benefits, discounts and prices for all of your individual options. To see your report, please complete our disability insurance quote request form.