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Do you know where most doctors get disability insurance? And what mistakes many physicians make in the process?

Find out in this episode! And as always, if you have more questions you'd like answered complete a quote request and set up a time to speak with us! We are always here to help ☺️ 

You may have asked yourself before, where do doctors get disability insurance from? If you haven’t checked out our other videos, we have a video on employer disability insurance, and that is one of the biggest places doctors are getting disability insurance from. 

It has its own pitfalls and minuses that we cover in the video, so go ahead and check that video out as well. But doctors get disability insurance from other places as well. 

Private companies are big for disability insurance as well, and unfortunately, a lot of doctors fall into pitfalls. Another pitfall is going into a company that is not true own occupation. 

The two main offenders are the American Medical Association and Northwestern Mutual. In their contracts have terminology that sounds like true own occupation, but there are loopholes left in the policy that can affect the claim. 

You have to be super careful with disability insurance to make sure you are signing the right contract if you connect with us we can help you to go through your options and see what is in your contract and help you to learn about your options and help you to make a better decision for yourself and your finances. 

As always, if you have more questions you'd like answered leave a comment below or reach out to us! We are always here to help!