Picture this.. You have spent an eternity in training and racked up a fortune in debt just to get to this point! You are now holding your first job offer in your hands, the location seems nice, the employer seems nice and the money seems really nice, but what about the rest of the contract?

Sound familiar? This could be the exact moment where you turn to your trusted friend Google and find yourself reading this blog post. We know that reviewing your contract can be tedious and stressful and we are here to help. We have laid out a step-by-step checklist of things you should pay attention to in your contract to be sure you are getting your dream job and protecting yourself and your finances. 

This infographic will help you walk through the process of reviewing your contract.

You should take the time to read your contract carefully while using the infographic checklist and take into consideration the option of having a professional look at it. If anything raises concerns, you should ask for reasonable changes. 

After reviewing your contract you should have a better understanding of what your dream job may realistically look like. 

If at any point you are unsure or confused about what you may be signing, call us, we have a professional who has worked with hundreds of physician contracts and can better explain it to you. 

It is always better to fully understand what you are committing to before signing and then regretting it later.